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3 Crosses - Barn Quilt - Personal Handcrafted Displays
3 Crosses - Barn Quilt - Personal Handcrafted Displays

3 Crosses - Barn Quilt


3 Crosses features the 3 crosses in the center surrounded by triangles on the 4 corners.

The double sided version looks great when displayed at your mailbox or as a yard sign!

Did you know?  The Three Crosses of Calvary
According to Matthew 27:38, there were three crosses on Calvary when Jesus was crucified. On both sides of Jesus were malefactors who were to be crucified as well. There is significance to the fact that on the day Jesus was crucified, two others were as well.

In the first place, Christ was in the middle and the thieves were on either side representing the two conditions of mankind.

  1. Everyone is represented by one of the malefactors. God could have planned one thief of three, but there were two and they show how humanity is divided by Christ. The cross in the middle held the Saviour; the cross on the right, a saint (saved); the cross on the left held a lost sinner. In fact, the man on the right received Christ and the one on the left rejected. Which cross represents you?
  2. The three crosses represent FINALITY.
    They were not going to leave the crosses and resume life. Jesus died for sin and was resurrected. The man on the right received Christ and went to heaven. The sinner on the left died and went to hell.
  3. The three crosses represent the GRACE OF GOD.
    Christ was in the middle dying for both the sinners. The thief on the left had the same opportunity. You do not have to get saved...God will let you make the horrible choice and pay the price. The man on the left only wanted his life saved, not his soul. The same grace was offered to both.
  4. The three crosses represent the wonderful PLAN OF SALVATION.
    Christ died on the middle cross FOR SIN; the man on the right DIED TO SIN; the man on the left DIED IN HIS SIN. On the middle cross, GOD COMES TO MAN; on the right cross MAN COMES TO GOD; on the left cross MAN GOES TO HELL.
  5. The three crosses represent mankind's reaction to God.
    Jesus on the middle cross represents God LOVING, SUFFERING, SUBSTITUTING, GIVING, FORGIVING, PAYING AND OFFERING. The cross on the left represents man SCOFFING, REFUSING, HATING, DENYING, UNBELIEVING, AND UNWILLING DYING LOST. The cross on the right represents man REPENTING, BELIEVING, RESPONDING, CONFESSING, ACCEPTING AND RECEIVING and going to heaven by the grace of God.